Publikum, tanzen, Bühne, Hips4Gyps, rot, voll

About Hepta Polka:


We play own compositions as well as traditional music from all over the European continent. The variety of instruments already gives a first idea of the band’s musical range – most are Scnadinavian and German as well as Balkan/ Klezmer sounds. 

Hepta Polka was founded in spring 2017 by six music students – as we had the chance to play at a big campus festival in Lübeck, Germany, we made the old dreams of an big instrumental folk band come true. We started with (mainly) three fiddles, clarinet, guitar and double bass. It was big fun and we realized our great potential when we were playing folk music together and writing our own tunes for the band.

So we stayed tuned: We played more crazy concerts, further developed our music and chose more traditional instruments. We fell deeper and deeper in love with folk sounds and got percussion and accordion on board to be eight guys now. Finally, we could release our first album “Newind“ in spring 2019, a CD with own compositions as well as traditionals.
In 2023 we continued that path with our second album "Sommerdroom", which represents the powerful sound and wide range of Hepta Polka's music. 

We stand for music from any compass direction and want to make folkmusic alive again!
And that is well received: for young and old, in the club, openair, in a pub, in school and in the classical concert hall.
Be there next time as well! 

Eight boys

We are either university students or freelancing musicians in several cities all over Germany.
This is Hips4Gyps:

Finn, Profilbild, HardangerFiddle, Hips4Gyps, live

Finn Stamer:
Violin, Hardanger Fiddle, Stroh Violin

Giacomo, Strohgeige, spielt, Hips4Gyps, live

Giacomo Schmidt:
Violin, Stroh Violin, Mandolin

Flo, Bratsche, hockend, Hips4Gyps, live

Florian Ding:
5-string Fiddle, Nyckelharpa, Mandolin, Banjo

Torge, Klarinette, Profilbild, Hips4Gyps, live

Melf Torge Nonn:
Clarinet, Irish Flute, Tin Whistle, Singing

Robin, Akkordeon, nah, Hips4Gyps, live

Robin Klein:
Button Accordion

Matthias, Gitarre, live, Hips4Gyps, Bühne

Matthias Greenslade:

Bandik, Kontrabass, live, Hips4Gyps, ArcoSolo

Pay Bandik Nonn:

Daniel Schierhorn
Drums, Percussion

Janos Bertram
Sound Engineer


Hips4Gyps, Gruppenbild, stark, Dreieick, Instrumente, Torge
Hips4Gyps, live, Bühne, Publikum, sechs, Konzert
Hips4Gyps, Gruppenfoto, Interaktion, bunt, hell, Instrumnete
Hips4Gyps, verbeugen, Bühne, rot, nach Konzert
Hips4Gyps, wild, Interaktion, Instrumente, spielen, darkroom
Hips4Gyps, Gruppenbild, sitzen, Treppe, Blickrichtung schräge
Hips4Gyps, Publikum, Selfie, voll, treibsAND, voll
Hips4Gyps, Gruppenbild, dunkel, schmachtend, Grafitywand, Lichtchen
Hips4Gyps, live, Publikum, Bühne, hocken, grün
Hips4Gyps, nach Konzert, Reihe, umarmen, Instrumente
Hips4Gyps, live, Torge, hocken, Flo, liegen, Bühne
live, Torge, Finn, singen, Fiddle, Hips4Gyps
Hips4Gyps, live, Reihe, Instrumnete, Bühne
Selfie, after Concert, bunt, Schweiß, Publikum, Hips4Gyps
live, Giacomo, Finn, Hips4Gyps, Schelle, Geige
live, Florian, Nyckelharpa, Hips4Gyps, Kontrabass
Live, Hips4Gyps, Ausschnitt, Florian, Geige, Strohgeige
Matthias, Finn, Gitarre, Geige, Hips4Gyps, live
Live, Hips4Gyps, vier, Nyckelharpa, Kontrabass Gitarre
Clemens, Schlagzeug, live, Hips4Gyps, seitlich, gold
Robin, Akkordeon, Giacomo, Strohgeige, Hips4Gyps, Bühne
Hips4Gyps, Live, Ausschnittm, Geige, Gitarre, Akkordeon, vier
live, Hips4Gyps, Finn, Geige, vier, seitlich
Publikum, Büne, Hips4Gyps, Florian, live
Hips4Gyps, live, Klarinette, Torge, Leidenschaft
Finn, Mikrofon, HardangerFiddle, Hips4Gyps, live, Flo, Mandoline
Hips4Gyps, live, Weitsicht, Publikum, Bühne
Kontrabass, Singen, Hips4Gyps, live, Bühne, drei
live, Robin, Matthias, singen, Hips4Gysp, nah
Hips4Gyps, Gruppenbild, eng, Köpfe, Lachen
Hips4Gyps, Gruppenbild, bunte Kleidung, Halbkreis, Instrumente
Kontrabass, Bogen, Hand, nah, Hips4Gyps, live, Publikum
Hips4Gyps, live, Bühne, Flo, fünf, Drama, spielen
Hips4Gyps, Gruppenfoto, Halbkreis, schwarzweiß, ernst
Hips4Gyps, nach Konzert, Reihe, Umarmen, Bühne

Organic Sounds

Rami Olsen is the producer of both our albums. 
Since our joint productions he supports us in many ways with advice and actions.
You can contact Rami:

Rami Olsen, schwarz weiß, Dreadlocks, Profilbild, Kamerablick

[email protected] 
0049 163 9712213

Stillleben, Instrumente, Kontrabass, Wohnzimmer, Hips4Gyps

Hope to see you soon!

Yours, Hepta Polka